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Lenten 2006 Class -- Classical Spiritual Disciplines

Monday, March 20, 2006

Celebration of Discipline -- Chapter 3

Okay, it's my turn to write the chapter summary so here it goes . . . .

Chapter three focuses on the spiritual discipline of prayer. Foster starts this chapter defining prayer and lists various Biblical characters and religious figures who "viewed prayer as the main business of their lives." On page 36, Foster begins the section "Learning to Pray" by explaining how prayer is a learning process and offers actions we can take that help lead us to successful intercession.

The last section of the chapter is called "The Foothills of Prayer." Foster suggest to us that prayer is not complicated and lifts children up as an example. Children teach us the power of imagination and imagination "often opens the door of faith," according to Foster. He cautions us as we consider how the imagination is connected to prayer and we're reminded that these ideas, pictures, etc. are of no value if they don't come from the Holy Spirit.

For more fun, discussion questions will follow. (Peter, are you writing those?)

Stay tuned!


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